Monday, March 06, 2006

Ka Joel's birthday message and wish

March 5, 2006
(Birthday Message of Bayan Muna Rep. Joel G. Virador who is detained in Congress protective custody)

Commitment to pursue a better life and lasting peace for the people

THIS REPRESENTATION is very much thankful for the outpouring of support to the cause of defending our civil liberties from the continued attacks from Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

While it was my personal wish to have had a quiet birthday celebration, Mrs. Macapagal-Arroyo has thrust me, my colleagues, friends and family into this type of observance: a celebration of unity against a dictator.

Mrs. Arroyo only lifted Presidential Proclamation 1017 to pacify an angry public. But there remains General Order #5, Executive Order 464, the calibrated pre-emptive response (CPR) and the open government threats to all that oppose the president whose legitimacy is seriously in question. The situation and environs for the short-circuiting of due process and the continued vilification of organizations and individuals who seek the truth remain.

The crackdown on the opposition, the media and the people is ongoing. Nothing will change as political oppression and persecution under Mrs. Arroyo will continue.

My simple birthday wishes at the start of my 39th year are:

1. the House of Representatives to effect the immediate release of Rep. Crispin Beltran from Camp Crame to the custody of Congress;
2. an end to all the intimidation and harassment of the mass media and members of peoples organizations and partylists; and
3. that Mrs. Arroyo stand up and face the consequences of the truth.

It is incumbent on all of us--not just the Batasan 5, not just the party-lists and political parties--but all of us as a people to continue defending our civil liberties, to continue pursuing a better life and working for a lasting peace in our country.

Thank you very much for making this birthday in Congress a meaningful and delightful way of making our cause for better governance, transparency, and defending our lives, rights and liberties as a people.

Despite all the hardships being heaped on us, the people will always be victorious in the end. #

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