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CPP urges Biazon to pursue investigation of "Nightwalkers"

CPP urges Biazon to pursue investigation of "Nightwalkers"
March 9, 2006

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed support for Senator Rodolfo Biazon's persistent pursuit of his investigation into Malacanang's covert missions assigned to a clandestine special operations team tasked last February to transport four packages of C4 explosives to Manila as well as to surveil landlines, cellphones and even satellite phones.

According to initial information gathered by Senator Biazon, the team named "Nightwalkers" was formed by the National Intelligence Coordination Agency (NICA) in the last week of June 2005 and has since been taking direct orders from Supt. Florendo Quidilla, chief of the PNP in Koronadal City, South Cotabato, under the overall supervision of NICA Chief General Cesar Garcia and at that time DLG Secretary Gen. Angelo Reyes. The team has been tasked to surveil opposition figures, plant bombs and perform other covert spy and terror operations against targets assigned to them by their superiors in the intelligence and military establishment.

The Oakwood protestors also pinpointed Gen. Reyes as the brains behind Oplan Greenbase which according to their testimonies set off "terrorist" bombings in Mindanao in 2003, including the bombing of the Davao International Airport in March 4, 2003 and at the Davao Sasa Wharf in April 2, 2003. These bombings were officially declared by Malacanang and the AFP and PNP as the work of the Abu Sayyaf and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

The information Biazon received was relayed to him by email by members of the Nightwalkers team who are now in hiding as they are being hunted down after refusing to follow orders to bring the explosives into Manila by February 19.

CPP spokesman Gregorio "Ka Roger" Rosal said the additional confirmatory information gathered by Biazon reveals the lengths to which the Arroyo regime has gone through in order to create the conditions for her to be able to justify imposing a 'state of national emergency' and possibly even 'full-fledged martial law'.

"The Arroyo regime has no qualms about concocting all these 'terror and coup scenarios' in its desperation to cling to power.

Rosal noted that the team's formation coincided with the start of the "Hello Garci" controversy as well as the height of the Senate investigations into the Arroyo couple's involvement in jueteng. "Clearly, Arroyo and her fascist cabal had anticipated the growth of protests which they feared could swell into another people power uprising and thus resorted to dirty tricks and the formation of such clandestine special ops teams to creat chaos and justify the suppression of protests and opposition."

Rosal suspects that the C4 explosives supposed to be transported to Manila a week before the 20th anniversary EDSA celebrations were to be used in creating a "scenario of terror and coup" in order to justify the declaration of a state of emergency and the repression of civil rights and of media. He said that for two weeks prior to February 24, Malacanang and military spin-doctors were busy making public pronouncements revealing so-called intelligence reports about supposed plans by military rebels to carry out bombings in Metro Manila and stage a coup.

Rosal said part of Arroyo's coup-scenario building were the explosions at Malacanang grounds on February 20 by Arroyo's own men which they attributed to the Young Officers of the New Generation (YOUng). YOUng denied having any part in these bombings. Also part of these coup scenario were the radio interviews given by an impostor of Lt. Lawrence San Juan made in the mornings of February 19 and February 20, suspiciously announcing that their group would launch a coup d'etat on February 24 and trying to frighten the people by asking those residing around Malacanang to leave the area on that date so that they will not be harmed. On February 20, it was impossible for the real Lt. San Juan to give that radio interview as he had by then already been arrested.

"It is becoming all the more clear that the declaration of a state of emergency was planned way ahead of February 24 with such 'terror and coup scenarios'," Rosal said. "With the desertion of its Nightwalkers team and thus the failure to bring in and set off widespread bombings right before and on February 24 in order to create a more chaotic scenario, Arroyo had to concoct another justification, this time a yarn about so-called coup conspiracy involving military officials, the CPP and the political opposition. Even with its Lupita Kashiwahara presentations about the so-called conspiracy, Malacanang is now having a hard time proving to a disbelieving public that there was ever such a coup plot."

Marco Valbuena
Media Officer

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