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Marcos And Gma: Fascists Alike

Marcos And Gma: Fascists Alike
March 09, 2006

The NDF-North Central Mindanao strongly condemns the baring fascist rule of the AFP/PNP loyalists of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in Metro Manila and the intensifying fascism and grave violations of human rights by the AFP/PNP/CAFGU in the country’s countrysides.

The naked and grave violations and the crimes committed by the fascist AFP/PNP/CAFGU through their covert operations in killing, kidnapping, wrecking, massacre and others aiming to destroy, terrorize or proselytizing of known leader or member of the legal mass organizations and those personalities they have tagged as supportive of the armed struggle in the countrysides.

Several cases in point is the brutal murder of Randy Nuer, Macdeos Nuer, Mateo Morales and the frustrated killing of Ding Ruena all of San Luis, Agusan del Sur in barely two months starting last November 2005 to January 2006 and the ransacking of the KARAPATAN office in Cagayan de Oro on March 6, 2006. This is a chilling reminder for the people to just keep their silence amid these killings.

Another act to terrorize the people so that slowly they become used to this grave suppression is the recent series of bombings in Metro-Manila and the intensification of media mileage of supposed "terrorism" of the NPA to give credence to the declaration and continuity of Proclamation 1017. The people are deceived in saying that Proclamation 1017 is different in that there is no formal declaration of martial law when in fact its mandatory part is a verbatim copy of Marcos’ Proclamation 1081.

The CPP-NPA-NDF also expressed concern of the information revealed by Senator Rodolfo Biazon that there are soldiers ordered to bring powerful C4 explosives to Metro-Manila in the past weeks. This explosives would be possibly used in bombings similar to that of the time of Marcos so that continued reppression of civil rights and full-scale imposition of fascist dictatorship is at least believable and acceptable by the people.

The supposed alliance between the rebelling elements of the AFP/PNP and the CPP-NPA-NDF to oust Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is pure baloney intended to heap up reasons that there is a clear and present danger to the hated US-Arroyo regime. There is also no truth to allegations of a coup d’etat. It was just protest action by a few officers of the AFP/PNP to be launched in time of EDSA 1 celebration. But this was magnified by the regime by immediately arresting those officers of the AFP that carried this out.

The AFP also launched their "information warfare" by actively having interviews in the radio and newspapers deliberately concealing their defeats in battles like the incident in Claveria and Lantad, Balingasag Misamis Oriental and distorting the truth like the misencounter of their own troops all of 8th IB at Pintabiran, Salay last January 2006 whereby one of their troops was killed but feed this to media outlets as legitimate encounter with the NPA and with no casualty on their side.

Always in collaboration with local government officials they trumpeted the achievements of their "development" programs like the construction of toilets, basketball courts, waiting sheds and so on. And to contain the growing legal mass movement and deprive the progressive leaders of initiatives they spread the lies that the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of party-lists like Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and Gabriela were used to purchase ammunitions, explosives and firearms.

With these, the NDF-North Central Mindanao calls on all patriotic officers of the military and police to disobey wrongful orders of their superiors. The brutal killings of innocent civilians whose only "sin" is just the voicing out of their democratic sentiments exposing the rottenness of the illegitimate government of Gloria Arroyo is more than their flagrant violations of their reactionary constitution that they supposedly swear to serve.

Patriotic officers and enlisted personnel of the AFP and PNP join the people’s struggle for social justice, democracy and freedom!

People Unite! Further intensify the protest actions to oust the US-Arroyo regime!

Ka Cesar Renerio
NDF-North Central Mindanao

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