Thursday, March 09, 2006

Secretary of (in)justice must be declared persona non grata by Congress

News Release – March 7, 2006
For Reference: Bayan Muna Rep. Joel G. Virador
Contact Number: 931-6166
South Wing Room 617, House of Representatives, Batasan, Quezon City

Secretary of (in)justice must be declared persona non grata by Congress -Virador

BAYAN Muna solon Joel Virador criticized Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez for his “continuing role as a major Malacañang mouthpiece in the persecution of party-lists and its duly elected representatives in Congress.”

“The statements of the secretary of injustice calling for the arrest of Gabriela partylist solon Liza Maza is symptomatic of Malacañang’s continued disrespect and intrusion of the affairs of Congress,” Virador said.

Gonzalez had said that Rep. Maza “will be arrested after leaving the protective custody of the House of Representatives.”

“Gonzalez has even accused the congressional guards of conspiring with Rep. Maza by allegedly allowing her to leave the House premises at 7:30 p.m. last night. He has no basis for that as Rep. Maza sought the permission of Speaker Jose de Venecia to attend a bicameral conference meeting on the juvenile justice bill,” Virador said.

“Gonzalez, as a former longtime member of Congress, should know protocol and should at least respect the independence of the legislature. Maza was only performing her duty as a House member and Gonzalez should know that,” he added.

The Bayan Muna solon views Gonzalez’ “efforts to treat us criminals as a practical example of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s continued vilification crusade against those who oppose her illegitimacy and anti-people proclamations and policies.”

“For his shameless pursuit on orders of Malacañang to treat us as criminals, it is only right that Gonzalez be declared persona non grata for his continued denigration of House members and the institution itself. He is a bad example of a former legislator who opts to foist injustice to aid a beleaguered regime,” Virador ended. #

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