Tuesday, September 28, 2004


This afternoon by a friend's insistence I went to an uban poor communities. Last few days some of the houses have already been demolished. The area is quite swampy just adjacent to a delta of a river. In going to this particular place I took a ride on a boat. After few hours and after immersing ourselves with the poor but defiant residents, again I took a ride with my friends on a boat, and on the way through the river delta, facing north I could see the horizon of not so far distant sea as we were leaving behind a sight of children who were calling us at a distance to visit them again. We will. . .WITH OR WITHOUT YOU

Monday, September 27, 2004


Here is an excerpt of an editorial of our school publication

Look around and the visibility of poverty, political crisis, criminality, contracting economies, global war on terrorism and corruption is not vague. Oil price depletion on no account happens. The lives of ordinary proletariats
and the lives of dependent students like us were not a bit alleviated. The rationalized tuition fee increase causes
major breakdown to our dear parent's allocation. Thesis and project design deadlines, peer pressures, stress, rotten
institutional systems, sum it all up and we'll find ourselves tramping in the midst of drakness.


We Filipinos are indeed majors in the habit of fault-finding. Why not point the fingers to us? Why not. . . one of the best answers is to ask ourselves bluntly. Failure to do so would only lead to pointless provocation.

Are we broke?

If so, it is time to sweep aside the bars of prejudice that imprison our intellect and open our minds to optimism.


The school just had the sports fest last week- dubbed as "COLLEGE WEEK". Who won the champioship in softball, bytheway? I planned to participate (play or perhaps coach) in that game but I opted not to anyway, I already had my fills with this game I like most during the highschool years when I was always selected to play during provincial meets. (Ahem). There was on time when I decided that I had enough - I got my head hit with the ball when I was assigned as the short-stop near the pitcher. Since then I never played again. I switched to track-and-field and luckily one time, I garnered one silver. It is still at home.(Ahem)

Anyway, so much for the blogging. . . I mean the bragging.

Seriously, studes just had their fun during that week. . . to name, BLIND-DATING (shamelessly coordinated by the applied maths studes. Yucks!), dance contest(?), well ofcourse, the games and the concert held last friday night in the MPSC gym ( but I went to a religious one).

Being young (excuse me) is being young, we want all the fun we need, especially now seeking other means of fun outside is quite expensive and especially for most of us students of a state college could not afford the more luxurious kinds outside. So, once in each year we have fun in our own territory! Yes, we should give thanks to the school adminstration for allocating the needed fund for all the activities (gimmicks). Hmmm. . . I just wonder why it didn't take the usual-hard way for student leaders to acquire the needed amount of money from the college adminstration. Sssh. . . I heard that the school administration is on a hot-bed, trying means to get out of the trouble being quite exposed with some critical issues, that was why (I think perhaps) they are too "caring" for students to enjoy that week.

But anyway, whatever happens, to show that I am an optimist in the thing i am presently interested most, here is my poem (seriously, I wrote this not plagiarized):


My dreams and wishes are
In brilliance as the star;
Be lightyears way as quasar,
Shall shine to me from afar.

I be midst the ripple,
Unto the shore I fall;
Like the tides as they wrinkle,
Then to sleep that I must roll.

I may not see each dust-
dance- follow whirling fast;
Yet, in each flick'ring there cast
The shadows that shall not rust.

Fom clouds of heaven born
New stars that brightly burn;
Wishes too shine from a turn
Of cloud-thoughts to fire that's worn.

What the quantum rules say-
There's probability
For all the possible way,
No matter how nil to see.

Wishes too are photons,
Bear chance to come as stones,
To make pebbles as they're thrown
On water that sleeps unblown.


the apprentice


Well, I was only interested in going to a religious concert participated by young progressive bands last Friday night because I was told that one particular "celebrity" I was so intrigued about would come and to my frustration, she was not around. If she had been there it might be that I would not be able to resist myself tempted to stare( more mild and decent word than stalk) on her, maybe for the whole night.

No really, about this "celebrity", I'm only too curious (in my ignorance) what she looks like being once a victim of gender abuse and violence. No, not that what you might have in mind for my curiousity! For you to know I'm decent both in mind and acts. Ooops. . . stupid me, saying that I might not be able to resist myself tempted to stalk on her. Let me retract that - "just joking". . .stupid me!

But seriously, gender abuse and violence is such serious issue. But it could be more enlightening when taken in class perspective, especially when we know it much that out there in the wilderness of male chauvinism and machismo are numerous victims silenced by class identity, having no power to fight back in legal means. Lucky for this "celebrity", she is of well-to-do clan. As of now I could say she is brave - she does not rely only on her class origin to fight back especially that the responsible ones also come from well-earning families. She made her personal quest for justice as part of the people's quest for broader and lasting social justice. I salute her for this bravery and having to understand that at present justice would only be a futile cry if without the support of the people who are also seeking for wholistic social justice. Her struggle must continue as the people's struggle is continuing.

So we waited for the concert to begin that I craved to smoke. But wow dudes! The guard had almost got me thrown out, I didn't know smoking is not allowed in the complex. So I went outside the gate. There, I could breathe, puffing my vice. . . but not without being embarassed for the second time. . . I lit the wrong side - the butt! WOW DUDES! ! !


Saturday, September 25, 2004

Defend Dr. Hatem Bazian!

lifted from: http://www.internationalanswer.org/news/update/041404bazian.html


Dr. Hatem Bazian, a highly respected lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley in the Near Eastern Studies and Ethnic Studies Departments, is being victimized by a mean-spirited national right-wing campaign. His just defense of the Palestinian people and his call to end war and suffering of all in Iraq are being maliciously portrayed as "incitement of violence and sedition."

Capitalizing on the vicious anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hate fest that is escalating in the U.S. as the occupation in Iraq erupts, reaching critical stages, right-wing and racist forces are engaged in attacks designed to seriously jeopardize the well-being of Arab- and Muslim-Americans - particularly outspoken community leaders, prominent activists and critical scholars - in an attempt to completely silence dissent against the violence of occupation. Behind it all is the racist belief that critical speech and the Bill of Rights come to a screeching halt at the doorstep of Arab- and Muslim-American homes, thus falsely positioning them as conspirators within. Popular statements such as "we need regime change," that are being made daily by many all the way from John Kerry to progressive activists, are being twisted and presented as "sedition" and "treason" in a McCarthy-style purge.

Although Arab- and Muslim-Americans are particularly targeted and scapegoated, the attack on the Bill of Rights and the right to dissent is incrementally affecting all sectors without exception. The intent is to create a fully compliant population, criminalize opposition, and expand the political reach of an ideological right-wing extreme.

Dr. Bazian has been receiving livid hate mail; his work at the University is being challenged; and extremist elements are threatening his and his family's well-being. Like millions of Americans and people around the globe, Dr. Bazian has been an articulate and outspoken critic of U.S. foreign policy - calling for a U.S. that is at peace with itself and with nations around the world on the basis of equality and liberty for all.

Hatem was a prominent student leader at San Francisco State University during the eighties and later at UC Berkeley in the nineties - both are institutions best known for their legacy of the free speech and anti-war movements. During his student years, he fully championed the rights of disenfranchised communities, people of color, supported ethnic, labor and gender studies, and worked to organize an effective U.S. student movement on a national scale in opposition to both NAFTA and GATT. Hatem served as Chair of the U.C. Berkeley Graduate Assembly, and from 1995-1999 was coordinator of the Graduate Minority Students Project of the Graduate Assembly, through which he spearheaded statewide efforts to defeat Proposition 209, a 1996 California-wide anti-affirmative action proposition. Bazian was also active in the anti-Apartheid struggle and Central American solidarity movements. In 1990, Hatem was the Chair of the National People of Color Student Coalition and executive member of the Board of the United States Student Association.

We ask you to take a stand in clear support of free speech and against the racist criminalization of Arab-Americans, Muslim-Americans and all people standing against war and occupation. The escalation of rhetoric by President Bush in conjunction with the increase in military force and attacks on the Iraqi people will likely give yet another green light for further anti-Arab and anti-Muslim backlash. We need to take a strong stand now!

Please write to the president of the University of California, Berkeley, at the following address to ask for protection and support for Dr. Hatem Bazian:
Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl
Office of the Chancellor
200 California Hall #1500
Berkeley, CA 94720-1500
Telephone: (510) 642-7464

Friday, September 24, 2004

Live Show

Thanks for inviting me. Sayang wala ko kakita sa Live Show!. Director's cut ra ba to. Manghulos na lang ko ug cd. hmmm. magmahay jud ko kung dili ko pauslon.

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