Thursday, March 23, 2006

LFS (USA) Holds Arroyo Accountable for Cris Hugo's Murder

BAYAN-USA unites with the call of our youth demanding Arroyo be held accountable for Cris Hugo's murder. Please distribute the following statement to your networks. For the story on Cris Hugo's murder please go to

Official Statement
March 21, 2006


Josh Castro, Secretary General
Princess Bustos, Co-Mass Campaigns
Joal Vargas, Co-Mass Campaigns

LFS (USA) Holds Arroyo Accountable for Cris Hugo's Murder

San Francisco (USA) - The League of Filipino Students (LFS) at San Francisco State University (SFSU) immediately expresses grief and indignation condemning the atrocious killing of a student activist and leader in Bicol, Philippines, on the night of March 19, 2006.

Cris Hugo, a 4th year journalism student from Bicol University and National Council Member of the League of Filipino Students in Bicol, was shot dead in Legazpi City by unidentified armed men on his way home with friends.

"We are outraged and we hold the Arroyo administration accountable for the killing of Hugo and the continuous attacks against our fellow youth leaders. In the belly of the beast, we have been steadfast in protesting the Arroyo regime's brutal crimes against the Filipino masses including the abduction of Davao City Anakbayan chair Raunil Mortejo, the recent murder of Tirso Cruz Hacienda Luisita union leader, and GMA's continued political persecution of Crispin Beltran and the BATASAN 5," Joal Vargas, Co-Mass Campaign Officer of LFS-SFSU states.

Vargas continued "We hold Arroyo accountable for all the injustices committed under her administrations de-facto Martial law. As part of our work here as students we study the conditions under Arroyo's bankrupt presidency: the worsening economic crises, the escalating human rights violations, the record breaking mass killings of activists and journalists, and the warantless abductions. Cris is one of many
persecuted leaders in this movement for true and necessary social change."

In this time of critical resistance to the incredulous state terror and repression in the Philippines under the Arroyo-U.S. fascist regime, we stand militant and strong alongside our friends and fellow student activists in the homeland. We have learned through our exposures to the Philippines that to teach, organize and motivate the masses is necessary and crucial.

Irene Duller, Education Officer of LFS (SFSU). "The League of Filipino Students here in San Francisco is enraged by the loss of a young, just mass leader who worked in diligent address of Arroyo's tyranny for true democracy in the Philippines. It is an unfortunate event that intensifies the call for the ouster of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the U.S. puppet who is low enough to condone the killing of the youth- the future of our country. Arroyo cannot suppress the power of the youth. Her continuing
violation of human rights only fuels our determination in building People Power."

In this next week to come, LFS-SFSU will spearhead a JUSTICE for CRIS campaign condemning the injustice and holding fraudulently elected GMA accountable to this atrocity. A candle lighting protest and commemoration will also bring LFS alongside with other BAYAN-USA Bay Area organizations to condemn the political prosecution of youth activist leaders and the illegal targeting of other prominent mass leaders and activists.


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