Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Performative Contradiction

Along Came Bong

Mr. Austero's open letter is one of the most interesting ever written on the GMA issue for a couple of reasons.

First, he posits that other people's clamor for change is something that he himself shares. But he does not make it clear why he suddenly changed his mind at some point. I venture that any information on Mr. Austero's change of heart is necessarily deleted since it is, in view of the current political and economic crisis, indefensible. His readers are therefore forever barred from knowing what he himself could not know since the real reason behind his anger towards those who are critical of GMA is an ideological moment he takes for granted. He simply says that he is tired of being spoken for by "all bleeding hearts out there" (ABHOT). A focus on this sentiment which he attempts to pass off as reason is in order. He laments the fact that the ABHOTs cannot respect his chosen silence. He abhors the fact that people fight for democracy and freedom for the simple reason that he does not feel like doing so. He is sick of all these people who claim to speak for him and many Filipinos. Isn’t Mr. Austero guilty of that discursive sickness called performative contradiction? Without his knowing, he performs the same discursive movement that makes him so angry. Mr. Austero simply hates the fact that many people do not think the same way he does. He could not take the idea that some people could have opinions, beliefs, political and economic stakes other than his own. In the end, he is the type who could not stand difference and dissenting views. A very dangerous individual indeed.

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