Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gonzalez endangers judicial system, must quit post

Gonzalez endangers judicial system, must quit post — Virador

Bayan Muna Representative Joel Virador today lambasted Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez for openly admitting that he wanted the case dropped against the erring U.S. soldiers.

Though Gonzalez excluded Cpl. Daniel Smith, Virador said that the other three GIs should face Philippine law for acting accessorily to the crime. Accused of conspiring with Smith were Marine Staff Sergeant Chad Carpentier and Lance Corporals Keith Silkwood and Dominic Duplantis.

He added that Gonzalez’ comment on the case obviously showed the secretary’s unfairness and partiality in favor of the erring U.S. soldiers.

“Once again, Secretary Gonzalez has shown his arrogance and disregard for the due process of law. His comment on the Subic rape case is at the very least uncalled for and highly unethical for his position,” Virador said.

He added, “Gonzalez has been proven time and again to be a stooge of Malacañang and the U.S. If the Justice Secretary cannot lift a finger on this issue in favor of his kababayan, then he must quit his post in the name of ‘delicadeza’. He is not fit for the position,” Virador said.

The militant solon likewise warned that Gonzalez’ statement gravely endangers the Philippine judicial system for it conveys a message that the U.S. can do anything and everything up to the extent of disregarding our own laws.

“Gonzalez’ statement virtually allows U.S. military men to abuse and exploit our laws. Imagine the very Department of Justice abandoning its duty to seek justice and redress for the victims of right abuses. What we need right now are people who can stand and fight for the people’s rights and welfare. Unfortunately, what we have right now is the opposite,” Virador said. ###

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