Sunday, March 12, 2006

Is there anybody who can replace GMA now?

Is there anybody who can replace GMA now?

Nobody, according to the Palace; and the Inquirer had it in its banner headline on Feb. 22, 2006: GMA: I'M BEST PERSON TO LEAD

The statement propagated by the Palace and its supporters is that "Wala naman kayong ipapalit". So what for are those rallies and demands for GMA to resign?

But Da Queen of the sciences -- Mathematics (that's how mathematician Carl Gauss called it) -- has the answer:

In 2010, or 4 years from now, GMA will have to step down because that is the year her term as de facto president ends.

Therefore, somebody will have to replace her in 2010. That somebody is already among us, only that the person is 4 years younger today than the person will be in 2010. If that person can lead the nation 4 years from now, why can't that person do it now to spare us of 4 more years of GMA?

It is a matter of numbers: a number of representatives of the various organizations working now for the ouster of GMA can form, as already suggested by many groups, a transition council. That should not be difficult to seek out from more than 80 million people.

Then, among themselves, the council can elect an executive committee or cabinet, from which will be elected the chief executive who will lead until general elections are held for the regular officials, including the president to be elected by the people.

Numbers tell us -- and Da Queen confirms it -- that the next president is already living today and among us, and he/she can replaced GMA anytime.


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