Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bawal na palang mamasyal?!

NEWS RELEASE – March 18, 2006
Reference: Joel G. Virador
BAYAN MUNA Party List Representative
Contact Number: 0920-9607108

Bawal na palang mamasyal?!
On Dinky’s illegal arrest & more fabricated cases vs. Batasan 6

BAYAN Muna representative Joel Virador aired his disgust at the “increasing absurdity of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s minions in the Department of (In-)Justice and the Philippine National Police for its continued persecution of progressive people, legislators and parties with more illegal arrests and fabricated cases coming our way.”

“The illegal arrest of former social welfare secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman and Black and White Movement convenor Vicente "Enteng" Romano III by the PNP police last night at the Baywalk area of downtown Manila shows that this government wants us to accede to what it wants: to stop exposing anomalies, stop questioning anti-people policies and laws, even stop going out to the Baywalk in your choice of fashion,” Rep. Virador said.

“So Gloria has now banned going out in a t-shirt with the word ‘Oust.’ Bawal ba pala mamasyal? Maybe she would also ban free speech, finding the truth or breathing clean air,” he added.

PNP spokesman Senior Superintendent Samuel Pagdilao said Soliman’s arrest “manifests the strong commitment of the PNP to enforce the law without fear or favor.”

“Is this the supremacy of the rule of law according to Gloria? This is plainly her persecution of those who defy her illegitimacy and high-handedness,” Virador said.

New fabricated evidence vs. Virador

The Bayan Muna representative again criticized the Department of (In-)Justice and the PNP for its ‘apparent zeal in coming up with manufactured evidence in the rebellion case filed against the progressive legislators and people.”

“The DO(I)J and the PNP are producing new fabricated sworn affidavits using pawns with concocted titles and designations just like ‘star’ witness Jaime Fuentes. Last night, my lawyer received copies of nine (9) affidavits with allegations against me that are complete lies. These affidavits also haplessly allege that I and other leaders of legitimate peoples’ organizations in Mindanao are linked to the New Peoples Army,” Virador said.

The said affidavits allege that Virador gave out support to the New People’s Army in the form of cash, guns, food and even went so far to say that he gave lectures to the NPA.

“That allegation comes from the script written by the fertile minds of Gloria Arroyo’s minions. Curiously, seven (7) of these affidavits were executed between March 2 to 7, 2006 while the other two were executed in May 2002, including one by a Philippine Army captain,” Virador said.

The Bayan Muna solon said that the contents of the manufactured affidavits are now being studied by his lawyers. Details of the affidavits will be released at the proper time.

“What Gloria really wants is to take away progressive party-lists from the legislature. We can see that as the most vocal critics of her anti-people initiatives such as regressive tax measures, pro-foreign mining stance and her drive for charter change, she wants everything and everyone in her path destroyed. She will not succeed for history is not kind to dictators and corrupt regimes,” Virador ended. #

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