Monday, March 20, 2006

Transmit Mayuga report to House now!

GMA, AFP conspiring vs. Congress, people re refusal to transmit Mayuga report to House

House Deputy Minority Leader and Bayan Muna Representative Satur C. Ocampo today said that Malacañang and the AFP could be guilty of “a conspiracy of silence and cover-up” over their refusal to turn over copies of the controversial Mayuga report to the House of Representatives.

“Why are they so afraid to give the House a copy of the Mayuga report? Maybe because it contains incriminating facts and evidence confirming the widespread perception that Mrs. Arroyo stole the 2004 elections and used the military as a tool to further her selfish ambitions,” said Ocampo, a leading critic of Mrs. Arroyo in Congress.

He vowed to raise more questions about the Mayuga report when the House resumes deliberations on the proposed budget of the Department of National Defense.

Ocampo said both Members of Congress and the rank-and-file of the military are interested in ferreting out the truth behind the fraudulent 2004 elections and the military generals involved in the Arroyo presidential campaign.

He said the House should reject the AFP’s use of Executive Order 464 as basis for not furnishing the Lower Chamber a copy of the Mayuga report.

“We hope the House leadership shall exercise its powers and show that it is not under the command of the AFP. The AFP cannot disobey the orders of Congress, especially when the Mayuga report has been deemed an integral part of the House joint investigation of the Hello Garci scandal,” said Ocampo.

According to Ocampo, the Mayuga report is also awaited by the Filipino people whose votes have been reportedly violated. They have a right to know what the AFP did before, during and after the 2004 elections and how military generals performed their functions.” ###

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