Friday, March 03, 2006

PP1017 is a drama to justify crackdown
Crackdown to continue

Asked if the crackdown on Ms Arroyo's political enemies would continue even
after the lifting of PP 1017, Ermita said: "Well, definitely, even before 1017 was issued by the President, authorities have been doing this, as you said, crackdown. But to us, [we will] continue to monitor the situation through intelligence work and take appropriate steps so situations that are not to our liking will not build up."

Gonzalez said the crackdown would continue even after the lifting of PP 1017 because investigations would have started by then.

"You cannot stop in the middle; you have to proceed..." he said. "And in proceeding with the investigation, names and incidents may come in that we have not anticipated at this point."

PNP spokesperson Senior Superintendent Samuel Pagdilao said the PNP would continue to go after those involved in the supposed coup plot under the principle of "continuing crime."

"The gathering of evidence is not dictated by the existence of a state of emergency, and neither will the charges of rebellion against people considered to be enemies of the state slacken," Pagdilao said.

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