Monday, February 27, 2006

We shall resist martial rule!

February 26, 2006

Makibaka, huwag matakot! We shall resist martial rule!
by Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casiño

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her fascist clique are dreaming if they think they can intimidate Bayan Muna and the Filipino people into silence and inaction. On the contrary, her illegal declaration of a state of national emergency – a euphemism for martial rule – will only make us more resolute in demanding for her resignation or removal from office.

The events of the past two days were like scenes straight from the Marcos era. The violent dispersals, the ban on rallies and public demonstrations, the raid on the press, the warrantless arrests and threats of more arrests bring vivid images of those dark days under the dictatorship. The people will never accept a return to tyranny.

I challenge Malacañang, especially the Philippine National Police and Department of Justice: if they want me or anyone else in the opposition arrested, file the appropriate charges in court and follow due process. Let the fiscal's office determine whether there is a case. If and when a warrant of arrest is issued, it should be properly served to us in Congress.

The abduction and arrest of Anakpawis representative Crispin Beltran was foul and patently illegal. So was the attempted abduction of my party mate Satur Ocampo. The revived cases against them have all been dismissed. The new cases have yet to be filed. As representatives of the people, we can never allow ourselves to be subject to such illegal, degrading and draconian actions.

Make no mistake, we are ready to face the consequences of our political beliefs even if it results in our arrest. What we will never allow is for government to flagrantly violate our freedoms and civil liberties. We will resist to the fullest extent possible any and all forms of illegal, arbitrary arrest and detention. ###

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