Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Light a candle against tyranny

*Light a candle against tyranny*
*Nationwide youth action vs. 1017 set on Ash Wednesday *

* *

The militant youth group Anakbayan and other organizations under Youth DARE (Youth Demanding Arroyo's Removal) today announced a nationwide youth action in defiance of PD 1017.

Youths and students are urged to converge in churches and chapels on March 1, Ash Wednesday, and light a candle against the tyrannical and Marcosian decree.

"Let our candles shine the beam of unity and enlightenment to all our fellow youth and countrymen. Now is not the time to be cowed but to concert all our efforts and take action against the return of the dark Martial Law years," said Eleanor de Guzman, Anakbayan national chairperson.

She also urged all peace-loving and pro-democracy students to start wearing black to school as a sign of defiance against PD 1017.

"The youth are not afraid but they are fast losing patience with this administration. Instead of quelling dissent, expect more protests from the youth. We refuse to be cowed by this act of desperation. Mrs. Arroyo has just given the youth more reason to hasten her ouster. She has just sealed her sorry fate by declaring war against democracy and freedom of expression," she said.

*Fortress of democracy for youth's heroes*

She also expressed strong condemnation against the warrantless arrest of Anakpawis Representative Crispin Beltran and reports of impending arrests today of Reps. Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza.

"The youth will guard them if necessary. We will not allow them to arrest our heroes. We have long ago taken cue from them in their lifelong fight for democracy and social justice. If Mrs. Arroyo has battalions of armed men surrounding her, we will build a fortress of democracy to guard our dearest parents and mentors. To arrest them, they will have to get through us first," warned de Guzman. ###


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