Saturday, February 25, 2006

NDF-Mindanao Condemns the Martial Law of Dictator Gloria

NDF-Mindanao Condemns the Proclamation 1017, State of Emergency or Martial Law of Dictator Gloria

The CPP-NPA-NDF and the entire revolutionary forces in Mindanao joins the people in condemning this declaration of State of Emergency, which in essence a Martial Law of Dictator Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, in the day that we celebrate the victories of Edsa against Marcos dictatorship 20 years ago. This proclamation also brings us back to the dark and horrendous times 34 years ago when Dictator Marcos declared military rule.

The people will again lose their political rights, especially the right to free expression and opinion and the right to due process of law because of arrests even without appropriate basis, widespread killings of the suspected leaders, mass activists and known opposition and other forms of political repression. The military abuses will intensify.

The political exploitation will intensify through the monopoly of power of Dictator Gloria, she could tolerate the increases of the prices of the foreign and the local big businesses favored by Dictator Gloria; the exploitation against the workers, peasants and other productive sectors in society will also intensify.

On the other side, this is one of the desperate moves of Dictator Gloria in its effort to prevent the inevitable downfall of her administration. By doing so, this is like Dictator Gloria is digging her own grave because this will fume the people’s rage, including within the ranks of the AFP and PNP that will result in her ouster in the coming days, weeks or months through another EDSA uprising.

As a response to this fascist Dictatorship of Gloria, let us widen and intensify the more the people’s protest while on the other side the NPA will widen and intensify its tactical offensives in line with the capacity of the guerilla units in Mindanao and in whole country.

We also call on the patriotic soldiers and officers in the AFP and PNP to support their soldier brothers who secretly fight against Dictator Gloria. We are ready to communicate with them and we are open for their temporary refuge in our area when their security is threatened.

Jorge "Ka Oris" Madlos
National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao
February 25, 2006

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