Monday, February 27, 2006

CPP calls on people to overthrow Arroyo dictatorship

CPP calls on people to overthrow Arroyo dictatorship
February 26, 2006

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP-CC) today condemned Gloria Arroyo for having "established a new fascist dictatorship" by issuing Presidential Proclamation 1017 declaring a "state of national emergency."

"Arroyo has arrogated martial law powers," the CPP-CC said. In fact, it pointed out, Arroyo has "long desired to officially declare some form of martial law" but has consistently been thwarted by widespread protests.

Through Presidential 1017, the Arroyo regime has "furthered its repressive and fascist acts, including plans to arrest leaders and activists of democratic and progressive organizations and parties, and government, military and police officers and personnel critical of the Arroyo regime."

"Like Marcos, Arroyo has resorted to concocting outright lies" to justify the imposition of fascist policies. The CPP-CC condemned the Arroyo regime for fabricating a so-called plot involving the participation of New People's Army (NPA) guerrillas in protest rallies as pretext for the declaration of a state of national emerency.

The CPP said that the NPA "continues to abide by the policy of non- intervention in mass protest demonstrations in Metro Manila and other urban areas."

The CPP-CC has directed the NPA "to launch tactical offensives that can be won against diehard pro-Arroyo and fascist units of the reactionary armed forces and, whenever the opportunity presents itself, coordinate with the anti-Arroyo and other friendly units within the AFP and PNP."

It further called "on the democratic forces and the broad masses to heighten the antifascist aspect of the struggle against the Arroyo regime."

The CPP-CC also urged military and police elements "to defy fascist orders from their generals to suppress the people's civil liberties," even as it called on "positive elements within the government's military and police to join and support democratic forces who persist in building the requisites for a new people power uprising."

The CPP-CC said that "Arroyo has only succeeded in steeling the people's determination to further build up mass protests towards another people power uprising, furthered unrest within the military and police forces and broadened the ranks of those determined to withdraw their support to the Arroyo regime."

"The Filipino people will not be coerced into submission," said the CPP-CC. "They are determined to continue resisting the Arroyo regime's fascist acts. They demand the end of the Arroyo regime and its replacement by a government that truly advances national freedom and democracy."

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