Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some ways to show dissent

Dear Friends,

By now everyone is aware of the current situation facing the country. Just a day after Proclamation 1017 (State of Emergency) was declared by Mrs. Arroyo, warrantless arrests had been undertaken, offices of media had been raided and there is now an official ban on street protests. Martial law is now upon us. We do not need for Mrs. Arroyo to openly declare Martial Law, because we know that they will not, learning from the lessons of the Marcos years.

We urge you to keep the flame of democracy alive by resisting the curtailment of our basic freedoms. Martial Law lasted for more than 14 years because we in the middle class did not actively participate against it. There are many ways to show our dissent. Please consider the following:

1. The La Salle Brothers are offering their chapel in Greenhills as a regular venue for prayer vigils starting at 6pm in the evening. Those who would want to organize vigils are most welcome to do so. Apart from the prayer vigils, films and other documentaries can also be shown after.

2. Wear pins, stickers or put up posters and streamers denouncing Proclamation 1017.

3. Periodically do noise-barrages against Proc. 1017

4. And, for those that can do so, organize lunch-time pickets against the Proc 1017

There are many and creative ways to show our resistance to the return of tyranny.

Keep Vigilant!

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