Monday, February 27, 2006

KASAMMAKO statement re Arroyo's State of Emergency in the Philippines

Arroyo's State of Emergency in the Philippines: Arrogant abuse of power says Filipino Migrants group in Korea

The Katipunan ng mga Samahan ng Migranteng Manggagawa sa Korea (Alliance of Filipino Migrants Associations in Korea composed of Filipinos in Korea and their families expressed outrage for the president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's derision of the people's power. Mrs. Arroyo should be ashamed because it was the people's power that catapulted her to the presidency and yet, during her steer, she has relentlessly ignored and disregarded the welfare of millions of ordinary citizens.

Today KASAMMAKO is alarmed with Arroyo's declaration of a State of National Emergency, the curtailment of civil liberties, including the "no rally announcement?is unconstitutional, self-serving and draconian. We are deeply concerned for the wellbeing and safety of all Filipinos at this time.

On the 20th Anniversary of EDSA Uprising that successfully overthrew the Marcos fascist dictatorship and ended 14 years of martial rule. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo once again showed her arrogance to the entire Filipino people by declaring State of Emergency. This authorizes warrant less arrests, dispersal of people's assemblies and systematic suppression of the Filipino.

There can be little doubt that the primary objective of this declaration is to stifle growing public protests against the current government. It comes at a time of planned demonstrations to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the toppling of the authoritarian Marcos regime: the most important landmark in the country's modern struggle for democracy and human rights. These gatherings have been planned as a way to reinvigorate people with the spirit of 1986, and to nurture the values embodied by the "people's power" uprising.

Arroyo's Proclamation 1017 is an arrogant abuse of power and the height of fascist desperation. "For overseas Filipinos and their families, the proclamation just shows the increasing isolation of a disintegrating regime. Arroyo's days are surely numbered?

This move has absolutely no constitutional basis and it's clearly meant to shore up Arroyo's grip on power and stranglehold on the Filipino people. But we will not be cowed. KASAMMAKO commits to intensifying efforts for Gloria's ouster. Through mobilizations and other mass actions, and indignation activities to the Philippine Embassy here in Korea, we will unmask and expose this latest dictatorial scheme in the international arena.

The only thing that should be forbidden is Arroyo's continued stay in Malacanang. She is the bane of the Filipino people. Our civil and democratic rights remain intact. She has absolutely no basis for disallowing rallies and other forms of dissent. Noting that the Proclamation does not give Arroyo any additional powers nor allow for warrantless arrests and the curtailment of civil rights.

The only emergency we face today is the horror that is Arroyo in Malacanang. She takes our economic hardship and political repression to new heights. The declaration of a State of National Emergency during rites to mark People Power is the latest affront to our national consciousness. We vow to maximize all forms of protest to ensure that our "Oust Gloria?cry reverberates in Korea, around the world and across the Philippines.

To our friends and partners in the international community, we urge you to speak and act again in solidarity with the Filipino people in this challenging period of our life as a nation. To the members of the AFP and PNP, may you join the ranks of patriotic and peace loving citizens who side with the people in the quest truth, justice and meaningful change.#

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Katipunan ng mga Samahan ng Migranteng Manggagawa sa Korea (KASAMMAKO)
February 26,2006

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