Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Solidarity with South Korean anti-WTO protestors


December 18, 2005

Philippine activists condemn violence against South Korean anti-WTO protestors

The International League of People!&s Struggles (LPS) and the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN or the New Patriotic Alliance) condemn the brutality of the Hong Kong police against the anti-WTO protestors, particularly the peasants, fisherfolk and workers from South Korea.

It is with much outrage that we denounce the HK police's use of batons, water cannons and teargas against the SoKor demonstrators. The fact that the HK police also contained the protestors, denying them sustenance as well as humanitarian help from fellow protestors from other countries exposes the ugly belly of intolerance and state violence.

Bayan and the ILPS sent a contingent of 100 people last night to Wan Chai to try and give food and water to our South Korean comrades, but the police denied us entry and refused to take the said food and water to the South Koreans.

Clearly, once the interest of the imperialist powers are at stake, they will not hesitate to use brutality. Last night!&s violent dispersal is a grave infringement on human and democratic rights of all peoples to protest against injustice and inequality. Over 60 protestors were reportedly hurt and three were hospitalized. The police also herded 900 others and detained them without charges until 3:00 am today.

Freedom-loving people, human rights advocates, civil libertarians and all anti-globalization and anti-WTO organizations must denounce the actions of the Hong Kong government and its police. We urge the HK public to rally and support the protestors and the protests against the WTO. We also demand the immediate release all the South Korean protestors from the custody of the HK police.

Finally, even as we condemn the violence done against them, we offer the highest salute to the courage and determination of the South Korean activists in opposing the WTO and its policies. We find much to emulate in their discipline and creativity in expressing their stand against the WTO's policies and their impact on their lives and livelihood. We are one with them in the fight against the WTO even as we wage own battles against it in our country.#

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