Monday, December 19, 2005

Revolutionary government ba o transition council muna?

16 December 2005

Nero Vallar
Bayan Muna North Mindanao Coordinator

Bayan Muna coordinator for Northern Mindanao Nero Vallar yesterday
clarified that while former Defense Sec. Fortunato Abat's "declaration"
on December 14 of a "transition government" was aimed at evicting Mrs.
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo out of MalacaƱang, this was not the transition
council proposed by the Left and other progressive groups.

"While Gen. Abat's intention to remove Gloria is the same as ours, the
transition council which we are pushing does not however border on the
establishment of a civilian-military junta," Vallar pointed out,
stressing the civilian character of the transition government proposed
by the Left and other opposition groups.

He said that the civilian transition council, which Bayan Muna supports,
maintains the principle of proportionality in number; therefore,
peasants and workers, who are in fact the real majority in society,
would be allotted the biggest number representation, in terms of seats,
in the council. This council, he added, may welcome representation only
from retired members of the military or police. Vallar said that the
sheer audacity of General Abat to declare himself "president" of a
"government" was yet another testimony to the continuing disintegration
of the Arroyo regime. She, on the other hand, warned that the arrest of
Abat, further proof of Gloria's war against dissenters, would be met on
members of the Left and other progressive and opposition groups.

The Bayan Muna spokesperson also opined that the escape of Oakwood
protester Capt. Faeldon's was more proof of a fractious Armed Forces of
the Philippines (AFP). "Capt. Faeldon's disgust for GMA tells of his
disgust for the AFP, proving further that the military is at a quandary
over the credibility and legitimacy of the government they have sworn to
serve," Vallar concluded. ###

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