Thursday, December 15, 2005

Message from ILPS-Greece

Greetings to the Hong Kong International Conference on the occasion of the 6th ministerial conference of the WTO
(13 to 18 December 2005)

Message from Greece

On behalf of Class March (labour union organization), Militant Movement of Students, and Antiwar-Anti-imperialist Committees, participating organization in the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), we convey to the participants of the international conference at Victoria Park with the main slogan of “Junk WTO”, the warm militant greetings of our members and all progressive popular movement of Greece.

We join our voice with yours against the plunder and criminal policy of the imperialists headed by the US and other imperialist blocks, like the European Union (EU), who want to plunge peoples and countries into poverty, famine, misery and destruction, who want to chain the working class, destroy poor farmers, and bring the planet into a new Middle Ages which serves the interests of the multinationals and big capital.

We greet the popular demonstrations organized by the anti-imperialist and peoples’ movements of Asia in Hong Kong against the imperialist and monopolist WTO, and underline our firm belief that peoples and workers, through their struggles and movements, will stop imperialist aggression and smash imperialist agreements.

On the same day of the conference, Greek workers from the public as well as private sectors will stage a general strike against government measures that impose wage freezes, layoffs, abolition of 8-hour work, and new privatizations of state enterprises. Around the world, the people have a common enemy. The enemy is imperialism, the capitalist system and every reactionary who brings suffering to the peoples. But a united peoples will defeat them!

- Class March
- Militant Movement of Students
- Committee against Foreign Military Bases (Chania-Crete)

Athens, 7 December 2005

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