Thursday, December 15, 2005

Message from ILPS-Europe

Message of ILPS-Europe

On behalf of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)-Europe, which has recently held its first conference, we send our cordial militant greetings to all participants of the international conference and wish every success to the proceedings of the conference and the mobilizations against the plunder and imperialist WTO and its agreements.

Behind the myth of free trade hides the imperialist policy of robbery and destruction of countries, particularly the poorer countries of the Third World. Behind it also hides the attempt to smash all labour union rights and victories, the annihilation of poor farmers, and the eroding of the rights of women, young people, immigrants and minorities.

Heading this aggression is the US as well as other imperialist countries and blocks, particularly that of the European Union (EU). Their disagreements are about the sharing of the imperialist plunder. It is an economic rivalry that in our days acquires political and military characteristics and causes wars of aggression and interventions. Facing this policy the only hope of fighting this policy of prevalent
oppression and exploitation that cause untold misery to the people is peoples’ resistance and the liberation movements of all oppressed people.

We greet the popular, labour, agrarian, women, and youth movements in Asia that organize great mobilizations against WTO. On this occasion we want to send our militant greetings to all anti-imperialist, democratic, and liberation movements of Asia, to all peace movements, to all movements against US military bases, and to every popular independent initiative that struggles against the instigators of war of aggression and interventionism. We declare our determination to continue the efforts for strengthening the anti-imperialist line in the popular movements, and
our unwavering international solidarity.

Manolis Arkolakis
Deputy Chairperson and Coordinator for Europe
International League of Peoples’ Struggle

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