Sunday, August 06, 2006

To Cadet Cardema, don't be low morale

Below is a comment from an anonymous visitor

This article was posted in UP Manila, UP Diliman, and UP Los Banos. We hope our chosen, distinguished representatives, sent with this email, can represent justice to the injustice done to Mr. Cardema.

Our Patriotic colleagues from UP Los Banos informed me that recently (last week), the Philippine Military Academy discriminately discharged one of its finest cadets. He was Cadet Ronald Cardema, a former scholar in UP Los Banos. He was said to be at the top ten of his class in PMA and was one of the most idealistic and most promising leader from the ranks of the cadets in PMA according to some of his PMA Civilian Professors (UP Grads also) which were allowed to be discretely interviewed.
It was said that the main reason why Cadet Cardema was shown injustice by some PMA high officers was only because he had a relative who was killed two months ago. Noel Capulong, Cardema's uncle and also a UPian, was a Bayan Muna Leader in Region 4. When Capulong was killed, Cardema and his relatives made a condemnation letter against the murder incident. The AFP was nervous about Cadet Cardema because he personally knew the ISAFP agents who had their surveillance on Cardema's uncle before his murder. A Military Officer (PMA grad) sympathetic to Cardema said that ISAFP made this emotional condemnation letter look like a subversive document and branded Cardema as leftist since High School even though he was a CAT Corps Commander in High School and a UP ROTC Officer/UP Vanguard in college.

Some PMA Civilian Professor (UP Grads) said that "Caio Cardema" and the UPians in PMA, always confiding with them, were low morale when a high intelligence officer in PMA investigated them and stressed always to them "Bakit ang mga taga UP, walang utang na loob sa gobyerno". OUR ANSWER TO THAT IS "Dahil po nakikita namin dito sa UP na ang pumopondo samin ay hindi gobyerno kundi Taong Bayan. Taong Bayan na pumopondo rin sa gobyerno ngunit nakukurakot kung minsan. Ang aming utang na loob ay sa Taong Bayan po at hindi sa gobyerno.

To Cadet Cardema, don't be low morale, we are welcoming you back to the University of the Philippines where true Patriotic, Intelligent, and Idealistic youth like you truly belong.

Mabuhay ang Pag-asa ng Bayan.........

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