Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A lawyer's opinion on Guimaras oil spill accountability

There is a contract of carriage between Petron and the Bulk carrier.

As a general rule, Petron as the principal pays for the damage that would be incurred. But there are exceptions. The exception would include the requirement of seaworthiness of the vessel and the exercise of due diligence in the transport of the goods.So, pag nag-fail dito ang bulk carrier, solo ang liability niya. Petron is out of the issue.

But there is an exception to the execption: that is, if Petron did not exercise the due diligence required of them to check every month the seaworthiness of the vessel.at dahil sa kapabayaan na ito, nagpabaya rin ang bulk carrier. So, joit or solidary and liabilitry nila.

Crude oil have high insurable interest. Dapat maingat diyan.

Ang double hulled vessel requirement ay implemented pa lang sa Europe at may deadline ito doon until 2010 or 2015 kasi mahal nga ang mga carriers na ganyan. Ang Pilipinas ay mga 2020 pa yata ang compliance.

Now, from my analysis based on news reports, mukhang may palpak na ginawa ang may-ari ng barko kasi parang sirain ito. Sagot niya ngayon ang problema. The insurer should come in now. Pukpukin ninyo kung sino ang insurer ng bulk carrier.

Wag ninyong patayin ang Petron ng todo, although their responsibility is also to exercise due diligence as required of a good father of a family, by checking from time to time, if the bulk carrier is complying with the seaworthiness requirement.

Pag na-prove na pabaya, solidary ang liability nila. Meaning, share and share alike sa gastos.

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