Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Presidential veto on wage hike will be politically costly for Arroyo

June 3, 2006

Presidential veto on wage hike will be politically costly for Arroyo; Malacanang's rejection puts P125 wage hike bill to near death; labor group urge solons to decide based on their conscience

Militant labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) today scoffed at Malacanang's decision to reject the P125 legislated wage hike which the Congress approved on second reading.

"Once again, Malacanang strikes its double talk tactics on the wage hike issue. Arroyo did this before when she retracted her statement that a wage increase must be certified as urgent after meeting with employers' groups. Bigay-bawi na naman ang gobyerno sa P125 dagdag sahod," said KMU Chairman Elmer Labog.

"Mrs. Arroyo is really showing her true colors and stance on the wage hike. From the very start, Malacanang is against the granting of any legislated wage hike for workers. The President's loyalty to big businesses is unfailing. She is too afraid to lose the confidence and trust of employers," Labog said.

With this development, the labor group challenged House Majority Floor Leader Prospero Nograles to prove his command over administration legislators and ensure the passage of the legislated wage hike bill in its third and final reading in the plenary session.

"Rep. Nograles better keep his word of honor to prioritize and ensure the passage of the legislated wage hike bill. Administration solons must not give in to presidential pressure should not accede to Malacanang's stance on the wage hike," Labog said.

The labor leader called on all labor centers, sectors and legislators to unite and assert the granting of a legislated wage increase. "All workers must unite and rally behind the P125 legislated wage hike. Now is the time to draw the line between real pro-workers and those who are espousing the interests of capitalists and the government."

Arroyo is all the more pushing Filipino workers to demand her resignation or ouster from office. Under her term, no significant wage hike was granted. The government only considered the whims of employers and neglected the just demands of economically distressed workers and Filipinos."

"If ever the P125 legislated wage hike bill passes the Congress,Senate and bicameral conferences and Arroyo decides to impose presidential veto against it, it will too politically costly for her reign," Labog warned. ###

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