Saturday, June 10, 2006

Letter from volunteer with young volunteer association

Dear Friends,

We still got litle earthquake everyday, at same time the vulcano Merapi very active, explode hundreds hot cloud everyday. So all of us have to aware nite and day, we have to be ready do something if the disaster come again!

I'm working as volunteer with young volunteer association which is not only at one camp as our base. We send goods what refugees need everyday to the worse areas of the quake,sometimes we work with them aslo, at same time we survey what they need, then we try to get stuff and send them another day!

Now, they the need hardware stuff for breaking down the broken house,they need medicine for eyes deseases becos lot of dust from broken house now, also they mosquito lotion becos lot of mosquito in the tends at nite. They stay in tends now that very hot under the tends at noon and cold at nite!

Also they need dried fishes, instant chilies, and cucumber I think. Becos everyday they only eat instant noodle and rice sometimes. The crisis must be long time, they have to eat something beside instant noodle, maybe can have vegetables also. Some support like vegetables already come, but only for certain camp that they have kitchen for everybody, they organised well, but some not!

Already 3 people suicided, becos of the family died and the house broke, poor, no money to build again by her/himself without family. Government said that they gonna support to build the houses, but some of the refugees don't believe, they remember when the oil price up, government want to subsidy the poor people, in the fact very berocratic and hard to get, even finally the money come but not as much as they said before! Smaller and longer time!

Soon we have to think about children, and depresion people, the crisis must be long, before the new house ready, they need to refresh their psycologic things from the disaster, even now the vulcano come again with another problem!

If u have any support, want join us,to work with us, let me know!

Iwan Wijono
Dukuh MJ I 1549 RT.78 RW.17
Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Tel +628122767607

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