Friday, May 05, 2006

Why critics oppose ID plan

Manila Times
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Why critics oppose ID plan

• A national ID system would require millions of Filipinos to own and carry one on their persons every day.

• The system would cost at least P7 billion to P10 billion, according to some estimates.

• The system requires a national database that has the potential to collect all kinds of information about a citizen; in effect, a continuing dossier.

• Installing a national database requires a bureaucracy of programmers, encoders, analysts and researchers.

• The possibility of error is great. A wrong piece of information inputed in a personal life could be damaging or costly to a person.

• There are already many existing ID cards that serve their purposes very well.

• Owning a national ID card will not guarantee prompt and efficient service in a government or private office.

• Owning an ID card will not prevent or stop crime and terrorism.

• The potential for abuse is great. An administration, a political party in power, the police, the military could use the system to harass, extort or blackmail a person or an organization.

• The national ID system threatens personal privacy. It violates human rights.

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