Friday, May 19, 2006

How does any of this justify the systematic killing of leftist activists?!


I don't know how the article of Mr. Antonio Abaya you so approvingly attached below could justify the 565 killings of above-ground activists (leftist or non-leftist) since GMA assumed (in more ways than one) the presidency.

Please explain how their belief in, and support for the system of communism, rightly or wrongly, will give the State or any other group for that matter the right to hunt them down systematically like wild chickens and pigs?

There is no basis for you, or Mr. Abaya, to be paranoid and fear that the communists will take over this country soon. Based on our general knowledge of current affairs, there is no indication that the CPP-NPA will achieve total armed victory over our armed forces and ultimately over the government any time soon.

As to the left-leaning party list groups, do we have a basis to fear that they will take over the government soon? As things now stand, they are still a minority in Congress (that's why they are part of the Party-list system), although an active one at that. There is also no indication they will suddenly replace Lakas as the dominant political party in the next 5 to 10 years. If you think communism is already outdated, there is even no basis that the above will occur in the next 100 years!

Just stop for a moment and reflect what the left-leaning party list groups are doing there in Congress. Are they asking the people to take up arms against the government? Indeed, they are asking for Gloria to step down (in Congress and in the streets, UNARMED) but are they the only group seeking to end an illegitimate presidency?

And you cannot say that they will always ask every sitting Philippine president to resign just for the sake of doing so and to advance their "plan to overthrow the government". Do you not remember that when EDSA 2 occurred, the now Batasan 5 was there actively seeking for Erap's ouster and initially worked with Gloria? Do you even remember that during the national election following thereafter, Bayan Muna and other left-leaning party lists worked together with GMA's People Power coalition for mutual political support?

And what are the Batasan 5 doing in Congress right now? Are they exhorting the people to take up arms against the government? Are they asking you, the people, to believe and follow the way of Communism? Are they using their share of the "pork-barrel" to finance the purchase of arms for the CPP-NPA (would you think they be crazy enough to do so? and if they are would you think the government would let them get away with it?) Do you see them undertaking any over acts to place the country under communism? NO.

What you see is Crispin Beltran seeking a P125 across-the-board wage increase for all laborers. What you see is Liza Maza actively working and coordinating on legislation for the protection of women's rights. What you see is Teddy CasiƱo (considered by the US government as an up-and-coming young through opposition leader), Satur Ocampo, and Joel Virador actively and intelligently participating in debates during congressional investigations and other proceedings. Do you think their active participation in Congress and intelligent contribution to debates therein (unlike the many other useless congressmen trapos we have there who are always absent) are harmful to democracy in our country?

But let us come back again to the article that started this. How does any of this justify the systematic killing of leftist activists and releasing the State from any responsibility to solve and put and end to this killings? Pray tell me. PLEASE!



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