Tuesday, April 19, 2011

France to Italy: Ayaw namin ang mga Tunisian immigrants

Simula na ba ito ng pagkawatak-watak ng Europa? Gusto lang yata huthutin ang yaman ng Africa pero ayaw naman tulungan ang mga nagsilikas na mga mahihirap mula dito. Tapos may pakunwari pang "we just want to protect the civilians" kaya binobomba ngayon ang Libya.

Source: AoLNews

MENTON, France -- Simmering tensions between Italy and France over the influx of thousands of Tunisian immigrants reached the boiling point after French riot police blocked trains carrying North Africans bound for the French Riviera from southern Italy.

More than 20,000 Tunisian immigrants have arrived in Italy since the January revolution in their country. Rome granted them residence permits of six months so they can join "friends and family" in France and elsewhere in Europe -- a move that has infuriated France.

On Sunday, about 350 mostly Italian activists supporting the Tunisian immigrants, and chanting anti-France slogans, massed at the Ventimiglia, Italy, train station, and French riot police stopped trains from crossing into Menton. Stunned tourists found themselves stranded in the middle of the increasingly bizarre conflict.

Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini issued a statement late Sunday instructing Italy's ambassador to Paris to express "the firm protest of the Italian government" calling France's actions illegal based on the European Union's policy of open borders.

Basahin ang buong balita dito.