Friday, January 27, 2006

Message from Cuba

Message from the Cuban Chapter of the "In Defense of Humanity" Movement

Cuban artists and intellectuals of the "In Defense of Humanity" international movement salute the election of Evo Morales as an extraordinary triumph for the people of Bolivia and a victory for all the peoples of Our America.

The rise of an authentic popular leader to the presidency of Bolivia brings with it a real possibility to end the vicious model that deprives the large majority of people of their means of survival, their basic rights, their values and their culture. Those who have always been discriminated and excluded are now in power and are posed to change their fate. As Jose Marti said:
"Only when the native peoples begin to walk will the American continent
begin to move forward." Today we feel that the indigenous and all the
excluded of our continent are walking with Evo.

The door is opening for social movements in Latin America to have a more direct and participatory role. As never before, forces truly opposing imperialist rule are emerging and a process of profound transformations for the benefit of the vast majorities gains momentum.

"In Defense of Humanity", which has the privilege to have Evo Morales among its founders, has embarked on creating a large front made up of intellectuals, artists and social activists in favor of justice, truth and the salvation of humanity, while opposing the neo fascist forces who use savagery and hegemonic machinery to misinform the public.

In this exceptional historical context we join our sisters and brothers from Mexico and other countries who have already voiced their support, and we ratify our solidarity with the people of Bolivia. At the same time we make an appeal to all men and women to declare their support for the new government of Bolivia and the cause it represents, which is the cause of the poor of this planet.

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