Thursday, January 19, 2006

Denouncement from Greece


We denounce the disgraceful anticommunist memorandum adopted by the
Political Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council.

The draft decision titled “The need to condemn the crimes of the
totalitarian communist regimes” constitutes a huge provocation for the
democratic achievements of European peoples, for the working class and the
left movement all over the world.

The provocative perversion of modern history and the brassy
exploitation and identification of the liberating communist movement, have
multiple, mainly political and social objectives for the present and the

The attempt to equate communism with Nazism, constitutes a provocation
for historical memory. The European Council decided to change history.
It decided to pervert it by equalizing the victims with the
victimizers. The criminals with heroes; the Nazis with the communists.

It offends the generations of activists who were persecuted,
imprisoned, even gave their lives for freedom, for democracy, for the human
rights, for the working class and the social gains like that of the 8 hour

It is about a memorandum that substantially attempts to criminalize the
people’s militant action. It is directly connected with the policy of
the so called “war against terrorism” led by USA and the rest of
imperialist powers as participants. It supports and incites further the
persecution of communists in the Eastern European countries. It throws dirt
at the communist movement and the struggle of the working class and the
peoples for a society of equality without exploitation.

The anticommunist memorandum demands statements of regret from everyone
who insists on resisting and struggling for the regeneration of the
communist movement, across the world.

No matter how many decisions they may make, no matter how many measures
they may apply they will not stop the tidal flow of history. The
toilers will meet again with the liberating ideas of communism, of justice
and genuine freedom.

The revaluation of peoples’ struggle and the history of the communist
movement is necessary, but this is an issue for the fighting, the
revolutionary and left movements to be concerned with and not the fascists,
their political descendants and the imperialist powers. History is
written by the masses in struggle for freedom and social liberation in the
Middle East, Asia, Latin America and across the world and not in the
Pentagon and the European Union.

This anticommunist memorandum should be condemned by every democrat,
every toiler, and every left and progressive person in every corner of
the planet.

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)
January 2006

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