Monday, May 16, 2011

Imbestigahan ang pagpasok ng US nuke carrier sa Pilipinas

May 16, 2011

Peasant group urges LOVFA to probe US nuke carrier’s entry
After operations vs Bin Laden, US Navy Seals retreat to PH

A militant peasant group today called on the Legislative Oversight on the Visiting Forces Agreement (LOVFA) to immediately probe the docking and four-day stay of the nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson in Philippine territory saying “the US turned the Philippines a US military rallying point after its interventionist attack in Pakistan.”

“The US North Arabian fleet’s entry only a month after the so-called US-RP Balikatan joint military exercises clearly shows US troops’ unhampered entry and perpetual basing in the country,” says Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas secretary-general Danilo Ramos.

The last US-RP Balikatan exercise was held last April 5 to 15 this year in Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog and was joined by more than 3,000 US troops.

Ramos said that “despite a supposed review of the onerous and one-sided VFA on issues of sovereignty the US continuously displays arrogance and might by stepping on the country’s national sovereignty.”

“Worse, after receiving the US Navy Seals that launched an interventionist military operation in Pakistan, the USS Carl Vinson retreats to Philippines making our country a military rallying point of US wars,” says Ramos. “The US slowly drags the country to its wars of aggression.”

The peasant leader also said President Aquino’s visit to the USS Carl Vinson on Saturday “smacks of puppetry and made a mockery of the country’s sovereignty.”

“President Aquino himself mocked the country’s sovereignty by allowing the entry of US nuclear warheads and warships,” Ramos said adding: “Aquino’s so-called visit to the USS Carl Vinson smacks of puppetry to the US in the highest order.” #

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