Tuesday, July 11, 2006

seize the moment and take off where the CBCP has stopped leading


Please find below the full text of the CBCP Pastoral Letter dated July 9 and released July 10. The source is: http://cbcpworld.com/cbcpnews/html/pastoralstatement.html

Personally, the tenor of the pastoral letter betrays the CBCP's refusal to assume a more militant role, or, in ecumenical parlance, a genuinely prophetic role as advocates of the people. Nagtatago sa maraming palabok ang nasa isip ng maraming obispo: Wala o kulang ang aming alam, ayaw naming ganap na makialam, ayaw naming mamuno, ayaw naming gamitin ang aming pusisyon at group para sa kabutihan ng lahat. Inilibing ito sa sangkatutak na palabok ng mga sipi mula sa encyclical, papal pronouncement, chuch dogma, doktrina, dating CBCP statements, etcetera etcetera.

About the impeachment, the bishops are putting forward an unrealistic criteria for supporting impeachment efforts while offering nothing concrete to the people as to how to effectively ferret out the truth. Kawawa naman ang masa na uhaw sa katotohanan!

The second part of the portion about political killings is disappointing, to say the least.

It is now incumbent upon the more militant Catholic bishops and their counterparts in Protestant and Evangelical churches to seize the moment and take off where the CBCP has stopped thinking, feeling and leading.


Click here for the pastoral statement

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