Tuesday, October 25, 2005

guide to the lost souls?

For those who still cannot make any sense of what is going on or do not yet know what to do, these guidelines downloaded form the Ateneo website maybe of some help.

The following article summary was taken from: http://www.admu.edu.ph/

In "Guidelines in a Time of Crisis" the Province Commission on the Social Apostolate (PCSA) states these nine guidelines:

1. The struggle to bring out the truth must go on. To dismiss the concern for truth in the name of stability is to condone the culture of impunity, by which those in power have long been able to commit crimes unpunished, and our people have become cynical accepting corruption and deceit as normal in our public life.

2. Those who claim that the "rule of law" was triumphant in the recent impeachment proceedings confuse proceduralism with law.

3. The legislature, especially the Senate, must not be remiss in its oversight functions, to ensure the system of checks and balances set in place by the Constitution.

4. We respect the decision of those, who in conscience have reached a judgment that the President should not remain in office.

5. It is necessary to listen to, reflect seriously on, and address the concerns of a large majority of people who seem apathetic or whose dissatisfaction does not seem to translate into political action.

6. The real and urgent concerns of the poor should be given highest priority amid all efforts to search for truth. Indeed, the search for the truth is integrally linked to the fate of the poor. Corruption and dishonesty have made the lot of the poor worse.

7. Programs and initiatives from both government and the private sector to address the urgent needs of the poor, in fields such as education, health, housing, livelihood, and the like, should continue to be supported, and indeed intensified.

8. Charter change, as a diversionary tactic in times of political conflict, or as a means of perpetuating elite democracy, should be rejected. Thus, the rush to change the Constitution, especially through a Constituent Assembly, should be resisted.

9. There may be no clear solutions or exit strategies to our present state. But the following courses of action should be pursued:

a. Our educational institutions, parishes and other institutions should become centers for conscientization.

b. Conscientization that leads to organizing and reorganizing base groups and forming community or sectoral organizations should be given priority.

c. These and other groups should be mobilized toward vigilance, monitoring:

* first, the continued effectiveness of government programs for the poor;

* second, appointment to public offices;

* third, acts of apparent retribution;

* fourth, the actual use of "pork barrel" by legislators;

* fifth, the preparations for forthcoming electoral exercises, through advocacy for automation, and the continuing task of voters education;

* sixth, the use of funds in the event of a peace agreement in Mindanao.

d. Deeper study and reflection on institutional alternatives (such as parliamentarism, federalism, etc.) should be conducted at various levels, from university think tanks to grassroots groups.


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