Sunday, July 03, 2005

Doktor ng Bayan

A website was launch recently under Arkibong Bayan dealing with the events leading to the death of Dr. Bobby de la Paz. He was one of the martyrs in the book Six Young Filipino Martyrs published in 1997, along with Lean Alejandro, Lorena Barros, Edgar Jopson, Emmanual Lacaba, and Abraham Sarmiento Jr. As described in that book, they comprise "a young batch indeed but never too young. They were young: too young to die, too young to carry the complacency of a slumbering people, too young to suffer tyrants. They deserved to live."

To the students out there, these stories are not only good references for term papers in social sciences but also, more importantly, inspirations in life and sample of lives to follow.

Click here to visit the website for Dr. de la Paz:

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