Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mga Kulturanhong Alternatibo

Mga kanta, balak, ubang mga sinulat, mga dula o mga pasundayag kanunay magpaambit kanato og mga mensahi mahitungod sa unsa mang katilingbanong kahimtang ug mga paninguha sa usa ka tino nga hut-ong. Sama niini sa akong napudyot gikan sa website sa Filipino artists for national democracy:

(1)The Internationale - usa ka piano bersyon sa balak - the song of the global movement of the proletariat. The lyrics were from a poem (L' Internationale) written by Eugene Pottier in June 1871 to commemorate the Paris Commune. He, a Communard himself, wrote it shortly after its fall. The melody was composed by Pierre Degeyter in 1888.

(2)Martsa ng pagkakaisa - This is a song dedicated to the union of workers and peasants and about these classes's golden historic role to lead and to be at the core for national liberation and the attainment of Soscialism.

There is also the patriotic poem of the great Philippine proletarian hero, Andres Bonifacio, Pag-ibig sa tinubuang lupa , which expresses one's genuine love for his/her love for the father/motherland, and the willingness to sacrifice for liberation from the clutches of foreign oppression.

Hinaut unta nga patalinghugan ninyo kining maong mga alternatibong produktong pangkultura nga nagapamahayan sa tinoud nga pangkatilingbanong kahimtang karon. Daghang salamat, ug hinaut manilingaw kamo.


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