Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Give Her A Chance"?

This morning I had a chat with one of my boardmates on the Gloria-Garci tape issue. That it cannot be denied anymore that it was GMA's voice on the tape my boardmate's line of argument is that "GIVE HER A CHANCE". We cut short the debate, I had to go to the CR. Inside there I was contemplating on his pointless line of argument. I should have asked him on what context that we must give HER a chance? Haven't we? We needed her to face the issue before but her camp attempted all scripted maneuverings that bore so much backfiring on their part. Seeing that they were already on the checkmate, nowhere else to go in the game of chess of deception, SHE appeared appealing to the public for forgiveness. She tried to tap on filipino's sentimentalism so, few sold out to the line:"GIVE HER A CHANCE". On what? A chance not to be ousted by trying to depict to the public that by her admission the issue is over? One issue is over, it was her on the tape as she admitted but she cannot dictate on us that all other distinct issues must also be over along with the voice issue. No. She cannot claim to have already cleaned the whole house by removing just a flick of dirt. She must remove the source of dirt: HERSELF. Her previous ascendancy to power after the ousted president Estrada already showed us how she would manage the country: she's steadfast to favor the policy of deregulation and by that one effect, oil price hikes become on almost weekly basis; she disfavored justified increase on workers' wages; she favored the reign of terror againts journalists and broadcasters who are actively exposing corruption and misadministration by local officials; her favored generals are engaged in massive corruptions and the killings and repressions of political/civil rights and progressive activists; she supported Bush to invade Iraq and said nothing on the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians; she did nothing to protect the farm workers of Hacienda Luisita who were brutally massacred, she had and has plans for a strong republic nothing more than a dream to make Phillipines a police state and she would bow down to US plans to stir-up Mindanao to be a little afghanistan-war zone so that it can be justified the presence of US forces and falicities here in Mindanao, making the island a staging base to spy on, blackmail and attack other nations under the US preemptive strike policy. Worst, GMA could even agree that Mindanao be a US nuclear zone. So give her a chance? We have seen enough of her ability and have already foreseen what's up in her mind as she governs the country.


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