Friday, May 27, 2005

Post Teaser On Preliminary Studies in CDTT theory

If my line of calculations in my preliminary studies on CDTT theory is correct, then this theory may show when the late-time inflation started. This calculational result is derived from taking a certain form for the curvature scalar being a function of the cosmic time. This form of the curvature scalar takes on singular value not at t=0, rather when t is inversely proportional to the mu-mass parameter in the CDTT theory. Such form is based on the asymptotic form of the CDTT potential and presents that at the said value of t when the curvature scalar is singular the corresponding Hubble parameter approaches a constant (de Sitter form), and if taken to be related to the sqr.rt. of the cosmological constant then using a rough data on such constant, given that the universe is more than 12billionyears old, then the late-time inflation may have started not less than 4billionyears ago as it went to power-law inflation then.

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