Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Nabasahan lang nako ni gikan ani(click please) ug palihug pagbasa nalang pud... k salamat :)

In behalf of the Filipino people and revolutionary forces, the leadership and entire membership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) extends its deepest sympathies to the people of Aceh, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Somalia and other countries who suffered big losses as a result of the December 26 tsunamis.
Ten days after the tsunamis, more than 150,000 are estimated to have died. Most of the victims are poor fisherfolk who live and work along coastal communities.

We enjoin the Filipino people to extend whatever form of assistance they could to the victims of the tsunamis.

The massive loss of lives could have been avoided considering that methods and technology for detecting tsunamis are inexpensive and have been widely available as early as fifty years ago. In the final analysis, it is the governments that failed to set up such devices that are responsible for the hundreds of thousands of deaths. It reflects their complete disregard for the welfare of the people in poor coastal communities.

In the face of this great tragedy, the imperialist US government exhibited its disregard for the victims of the tsunamis by initially allotting a measly $18 million, a drop in the bucket of the US budget to fund its war against Iraq. It has belatedly raised this to $350 million after the international community raised a howl of protest.

In stark contrast, communists and revolutionary forces promptly carried out efforts and extended all they could to assist the survivors of the tragedy by coordinating relief operations and rehabilitation work, and working with international civilian relief agencies.


apprentice01 said...

Sayunan ka... ang usa sa mga defense project sa US nga kabahin sa iyang HOMELAND DEFENSE mao ang pagtaod kuno og MISSILE LAUNCHING PADS didto sa bulan... kaya siguro nila kay sila man adunay pinaka-abanti nga himan ug teknolohiya ug sila ang nagmonopolyo niini nga gani gihikaw nila ang mga kahimanan ug teknolohiya nga makatabang unta aron mapanalipdan ang kinabuhi sa katawhan sa tibouk kalibutan gikan sa kalamidad nga minugna sa kinaiyahan... di tan-awa daghan ang nangamatay sa paghapak sa tsunami... dugang talaan sa mga namatay sa gubat sa IRAQ...

apprentice01 said...

mission impossible(
instrumental sa u2) kaayo dah?