Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Prayer for a Just and Lasting Peace

God of the struggling people
Hallowed be your name
Let the promise of abundant life be realized
And our longing for justice and peace be fulfilled.

Forgive our comfortable life
If we become unresponsive to the cries of the people
Forgive our daily prayers
If we close our eyes and hearts to the needs of the many
Forgive our act of charity
If it has thwarted us to work for justice
Forgive our silence and solitude
If we departed from serving the oppressed wholeheartedly.

Look upon our nation
Corruption and violence govern us
The rich few exploit the many poor
The workers are deprived of just wages
Peasants and indigenous peoples are driven away from the land
Heavy taxes and unabated price increases burden the vast majority
Health, education and social services are not accessible
Those who shout for justice and human rights are silenced
Those who work for genuine peace are killed.

We lament that our government did not heed our call, and
Hardheadedly supported the U.S. illegal,
immoral and unjust war in Iraq
Now the Overseas Filipino Workers face
even more vulnerability and uncertainty.
Grant your people the courage and will to
push forward the agenda of peace.

Continue to challenge our faith and love; nurture the hope within us
Strengthen our passion to serve and journey with the people
Accompany us on our way
Give us the strength of an eagle, the humility of a dove,
the wisdom of a serpent
As we join the people in the quest for a
lasting Peace based on Justice.


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