Monday, December 13, 2004

on christianity

there's nothing wrong with the basic teachings of christianity. TRUE christians are pro people. the end of christian teachings is to serve and even die liberating the masses just like what Jesus did in His time. coz we can never show our faith to the fullest if we will not do so.

"You can never serve My name if you will not serve My people."
(written in the New Testament)

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apprentice01 said...

On Historical context, Christianity was founded in times of colonial rule of Rome on the Jewish land.Class analysis would show that the Jewish people were divided into local ruling classes and the Jewish masses. The traditional teachers of the Jewish religion at that time mostly served the interests of Rome and the local ruling elite so the Jewish people had hoped for a messiah, actually what was expected was a fighting leader not a preacher but it turned out- a preaching one who challenged the traditional ideas and interpretation of the old Jewish religion. It was some kind of an intellectual movement at that time but instead of preaching revolt and uprising, the movement of Jesus Christ ultimately ended up into a new religion of the Jewish masses who were marginalized by the old traditional Jewish church of the local ruling Jewish elite...