Monday, December 06, 2004

Klein-Gordon Field and Gravity

What do condoms in this modern times have in common with the fundamental particles called QUARKS of QUANTUM CHROMODYNAMICS?Color and flavor. In one of the posts(title: Sex is Fun...) of PREPOSTEROUS it was commented: Condoms as quarks?? Imagine superpartners, scondoms. There'd be a stop condom! That should work...
(anomymous | Thu, December 02, 2004 @ 10:45 am | #).Hmmm...condoms too could either be up or down like quarks?

Anyway, while finding ways to solve a set of nonlinear differential equations, I'm starting to ask myself if it is worth (valid consideration) finding spherically symmetric solutions of Einsteins Field Equations (General Relativity) with a static Klein-Gordon Field acting as the source in curved spherically symmetric space? This is the new research problem we are currently working on and hope to complete before the deadline of submission to a journal of a prestigious physics institute here in the country, Philippines. We just hope that what we are working on is valid that the work may have a chance to be accepted for publication.

By the way, the we that I'm refering here is us you'll see in this picture.

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apprentice01 said...

Most usually we are being too closed with a prejudgment that talking things/objects related to sex is automatically disgusting. That's part of traditional thinking imposed on us and we are forced to follow and that made us "well-mannered" children of old-fashioned but conservative (perhaps to the extent reactionary ) adults.