Thursday, December 09, 2004

Better Late Than Never Greetings!!!

So much envy I have for this youths whose sharp awareness well compensated for with their unfading youthful dynamism TO SERVE THE PEOPLE.

I may not have the courage but my admiration goes to them... BELATED MILITANT ANNIVERSARY TO YOU VANGUARD OF THE FILIPINO YOUTH

Kabataang Makabayan, as the vanguard organization of the Filipino youth, should assist in the
achievement of an invincible unity of all national classes and forces to push further the struggle
for national and social liberation in all fields-economic, political, cultural, military-against the
leading enemy, U.S. imperialism, and against the persistent and pervasive main enemy, landlordism.
Both have frustrated the national democratic aspirations of the Philippine revolution of 1896 and
have made the suffering and exploitation of our people more complex and more severe.(Quoted
from the KM founding speech, SND 3rd ed.)

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