Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Music That I Occassionally Listen To Somewhat Messy

Here are the songs I occassionally listen to:
(a) Guns 'N Roses: Civil War (album - Use Your Illussion II); Welcome To The Jungle (album - Greatest Hits); Sweet
Child O' Mine (album - Greatest Hits)

(b) U2: With Or Without You (album - Joshua Three); Sunday Bloody Sunday & New Year's Day (album - War)

(c) Nirvana: The Man Who Sold The World (album - Unplugged In New York)

I know perhaps you'd be pissed off by their loud bangs!!! But I'm, in my own way, in a protesting spirit, expressing somewhat my defiant nature as a youth againts the ever-worsening social conditions!!!


apprentice01 said...

Oh... let me add Lake of Fire, Nirvana, Unplugged In New York album.


Anonymous said...

di jud ko mukontra nga matawag pa ka nga youth ferds. hehehe. -kim

apprentice01 said...

:) Tnx sir basin sa tanan ikaw rai gasabot sa 'ko nga youth pa ko :)