Monday, September 27, 2004


Here is an excerpt of an editorial of our school publication

Look around and the visibility of poverty, political crisis, criminality, contracting economies, global war on terrorism and corruption is not vague. Oil price depletion on no account happens. The lives of ordinary proletariats
and the lives of dependent students like us were not a bit alleviated. The rationalized tuition fee increase causes
major breakdown to our dear parent's allocation. Thesis and project design deadlines, peer pressures, stress, rotten
institutional systems, sum it all up and we'll find ourselves tramping in the midst of drakness.


We Filipinos are indeed majors in the habit of fault-finding. Why not point the fingers to us? Why not. . . one of the best answers is to ask ourselves bluntly. Failure to do so would only lead to pointless provocation.

Are we broke?

If so, it is time to sweep aside the bars of prejudice that imprison our intellect and open our minds to optimism.


The school just had the sports fest last week- dubbed as "COLLEGE WEEK". Who won the champioship in softball, bytheway? I planned to participate (play or perhaps coach) in that game but I opted not to anyway, I already had my fills with this game I like most during the highschool years when I was always selected to play during provincial meets. (Ahem). There was on time when I decided that I had enough - I got my head hit with the ball when I was assigned as the short-stop near the pitcher. Since then I never played again. I switched to track-and-field and luckily one time, I garnered one silver. It is still at home.(Ahem)

Anyway, so much for the blogging. . . I mean the bragging.

Seriously, studes just had their fun during that week. . . to name, BLIND-DATING (shamelessly coordinated by the applied maths studes. Yucks!), dance contest(?), well ofcourse, the games and the concert held last friday night in the MPSC gym ( but I went to a religious one).

Being young (excuse me) is being young, we want all the fun we need, especially now seeking other means of fun outside is quite expensive and especially for most of us students of a state college could not afford the more luxurious kinds outside. So, once in each year we have fun in our own territory! Yes, we should give thanks to the school adminstration for allocating the needed fund for all the activities (gimmicks). Hmmm. . . I just wonder why it didn't take the usual-hard way for student leaders to acquire the needed amount of money from the college adminstration. Sssh. . . I heard that the school administration is on a hot-bed, trying means to get out of the trouble being quite exposed with some critical issues, that was why (I think perhaps) they are too "caring" for students to enjoy that week.

But anyway, whatever happens, to show that I am an optimist in the thing i am presently interested most, here is my poem (seriously, I wrote this not plagiarized):


My dreams and wishes are
In brilliance as the star;
Be lightyears way as quasar,
Shall shine to me from afar.

I be midst the ripple,
Unto the shore I fall;
Like the tides as they wrinkle,
Then to sleep that I must roll.

I may not see each dust-
dance- follow whirling fast;
Yet, in each flick'ring there cast
The shadows that shall not rust.

Fom clouds of heaven born
New stars that brightly burn;
Wishes too shine from a turn
Of cloud-thoughts to fire that's worn.

What the quantum rules say-
There's probability
For all the possible way,
No matter how nil to see.

Wishes too are photons,
Bear chance to come as stones,
To make pebbles as they're thrown
On water that sleeps unblown.


the apprentice

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