Monday, September 27, 2004


Well, I was only interested in going to a religious concert participated by young progressive bands last Friday night because I was told that one particular "celebrity" I was so intrigued about would come and to my frustration, she was not around. If she had been there it might be that I would not be able to resist myself tempted to stare( more mild and decent word than stalk) on her, maybe for the whole night.

No really, about this "celebrity", I'm only too curious (in my ignorance) what she looks like being once a victim of gender abuse and violence. No, not that what you might have in mind for my curiousity! For you to know I'm decent both in mind and acts. Ooops. . . stupid me, saying that I might not be able to resist myself tempted to stalk on her. Let me retract that - "just joking". . .stupid me!

But seriously, gender abuse and violence is such serious issue. But it could be more enlightening when taken in class perspective, especially when we know it much that out there in the wilderness of male chauvinism and machismo are numerous victims silenced by class identity, having no power to fight back in legal means. Lucky for this "celebrity", she is of well-to-do clan. As of now I could say she is brave - she does not rely only on her class origin to fight back especially that the responsible ones also come from well-earning families. She made her personal quest for justice as part of the people's quest for broader and lasting social justice. I salute her for this bravery and having to understand that at present justice would only be a futile cry if without the support of the people who are also seeking for wholistic social justice. Her struggle must continue as the people's struggle is continuing.

So we waited for the concert to begin that I craved to smoke. But wow dudes! The guard had almost got me thrown out, I didn't know smoking is not allowed in the complex. So I went outside the gate. There, I could breathe, puffing my vice. . . but not without being embarassed for the second time. . . I lit the wrong side - the butt! WOW DUDES! ! !



Anonymous said...

i witnessed that. naa jud lain kalibutan. hahaha. WARNING: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health, especially when you're puffing at the wrong side. BWAHAHAHA! -kim

apprentice01 said...

tsk... tsk... basta nailad jud ko dah, abi ko man naa to si... laman diay... di tan-awa, on the positive side, na-enlightened na nuon ko sa "arm struggle"... raising and waving hands, singing, shouting, "PRAISE OH LORD"... "GOD IS GOOD... AMEN".

Anonymous said...

kay nganong manigarilyo jud lagi!

-you know who